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Wholesale Fidgets Spinners

Unique fidget spinners to keep your hands busy

Fidget Spinners are one of the coolest items in a line-up of new products available with CTS wholesale sunglasses. Their great bearings mean they make almost no sound. So, they are great for kids and adults to manage anxiety, stress, restlessness, or just to keep your mental focus on point.

It could be anything – like one of those long conference calls which could have been on email, or getting set before your kids are going to drive you up the walls. Just because wholesale fidget spinners are incredibly popular with kids and teens, doesn’t mean that adults couldn’t use one. Using one almost takes no skill. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can buy more than one wholesale fidgets and search for wholesale spinners’ tricks on the internet.

Different types of spinners

There are different types of spinners for you to choose. From ceramic vs steel vs hybrid ceramic bearings, wholesale fidgets come at different rates for different bearings. For a steady spin, and quality, you may want to go for a ceramic, or a hybrid ceramic bearing wholesale fidget spinner as compared to a steel bearing spinner.

Features of spinners

Steel bearing spinners corrode quickly, which means oiling must be constant. Since they have increased friction, they may not be able to reach high rotational speeds. On the other hand, ceramic bearing spinners don’t corrode, and require almost no oiling. They have minimal friction, very light, and also reach very high rotational speeds. A simple test like spinning the outer race of the bearing will show you clearly who would be the winner between a ceramic and a steel bearing spinner.

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    [M#LFS][Q#12 pcs.][N#6/16/2017] Available in a variety of  colors, sold in 12 packs of one selected color. These are the hottest selling item of the year, and we have more coming soon!
  • Wholesale Fidget Cubes! (12 pcs)
    [M#FC01][Q#1 pc][N#6/6/2017] Sold by the dozen, Fidget Cubes! Hot sellers this year, and ideal for keeping focused! These are going to sell very well in any venue!  You will receive 12 pieces, colors will be Random,...
  • Key Chain Fidget Spinners!
    [M#FK01][Q#1 pc][N#5/23/2017] Sold by the dozen, Key Chain Fidget Spinners! Hot sellers this year, and ideal for keeping focused! These are going to sell very well in any...
  • Dark Blue Fidget Spinners 12 pcs
    [M#FS][Q#12 pcs.][N#6/16/2017] Hottest selling item of the year, and we have more coming soon! Choose from a variety of colors, sold only in 12 packs of one selected color.  Fidget Spinners are a fantastic promo item,...

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