Wholesale Lighters

Shop Wholesale Lighters at CTS and save! We have an awesome selection of high quality, refillable oil lighters with replaceable wicks & flints, manufactured by STAR®. A full range of oil lighters sold by the dozen in ready to use, great looking display boxes; each set featuring 4 unique designs within a theme. We also have a full line of superior quality lighters, made of brass, that are sold in individual carrying tins; on sale now! You’ll also find our collectors styled Jumbo Lighters too! 

If you’re just starting out, you may be interested in our Lighter Sample Packs, these will offer you a terrific range of insignia, at a competitive price designed to maximize your profits!

Learn more about our wholesale lighters and how they are made. You will also find a useful guide on how to fill them up with lighter fluid click here to learn more.