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Looking for PPE to add to your store?  PPE, Masks, and Neck Gaiters have become an important part of everyday life.  Everyone has to have a face covering to enter stores, restaurants, shopping malls, doctors offices, etc... The problem with traditional face coverings is that they are hard to breathe through, uncomfortable, unattractive and get lost all the time!  

  Our Masks slide easily over your head with a light weight, soft to the touch fabric that is breathe able and is also completely machine washable.  The moisture wicking material helps keep you dry from sweat and rain.  

  You can wear our masks to a variety of other venues such as Sporting events, Fishing, Hunting, Motorcyclists, Dirt Bike and 4-whelling, bicycling, running/jogging, concerts/festivals and the list goes on and on!  There are also so many different ways to wear our Masks!  You can wear them as a Mask, Headband, Wristband, Neck Warmer Hood and so many other options.  Wearing our masks in these different ways will help protect you from UV Rays, dust, dirt, sand and wind.  

Our Masks come in a variety of designs and sold colors ensuring that you and your customers will be able to find a style that is right for you!