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High quality, wholesale vaporizers are here! You'll love our selection of today's most popular vapor products. Find Vape Pens, E-nails, and accesories all competitively priced, and available for immediate shipping!

Don’t forget, there is no minimum order at CTS!

***Must be 18 Years of Age to Purchase***Discount Do Not Apply***

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  • Anodized Aluminum Battery Stands
    $5.95 $2.25
    [M#VP1017][Q#1 pc.][N#8/23/2016] Available in a variety of  colors, aluminum battery stands work nicely with Willamette Vape™ batteries!
  • Willamette Vape Twist Battery | 510 Thread
    $19.95 $10.00
    [M#VP1021][Q#1 pc.][N#5/11/2016] Available in a variety of attractive colors, Willamette Vape Twist Batteries have a standard 510 thread and work with wax, oil or dry herb attachments. Specifications: 3.2–4.8...
  • USB Charger | 510 Thread
    $3.95 $1.50
    [M#VP1022][Q#1 pc.][N#5/27/2016] USB charger with 510 Thread count mount, necessary for charging Willamette Vape Batteries...
  • Dab Globe Attachment Atomizer | Wax & Oil | 510 Thread
    $20.00 $10.00
    [M#VP1008][Q#1 pc.][N#2/18/2016] High quality atomizer attachment with 510 thread, designed for use with wax concentrate or oil.  Specifications: Dual Coil Ceramic Chamber Titanium...
  • Silicone Tipped Dab Tool
    $5.00 $1.60
    [M#VP1011][Q#1 pc.][N#3/16/2016] Convenient metal dab tool with silicone tips! Only $1.60 each! These retail for $5 each, so get them here wholesale and save today! No Minimum Order Required!  
  • Dark Knight Brave | Dry Herb | Black
    $149.95 $75.00
    [M#VP1009][Q#1 pc.][N#3/3/2016] Large capacity portable electronic vaporizer & baking device, featuring several impressive features! Three data memory storage options allowing you to preset your preferred temperature...
  • E-Nail | Wax & Oil
    $350.00 $150.00
    [M#VP1010][Q#1 pc.][N#5/13/2016] A high quality device for heating wax or oil extracts, featuring titanium coild & nail. Digital temperature controls. Specifications: 100–1,200˚F Max Temperature...
  • Ego Vape Pen
    $29.95 $12.00
    [M#VP1002][Q#1 pc.][N#2/13/2016] Ego Brand Vape atomizer, for use with wax and/or oil. Includes a soft-shelled, snug zippered carrying case & three interior pockets. Specifications: Glass Globe Ceramic Chamber USB...
  • Glass Shish Atomizer | Wax & Dry Herb
    $29.95 $14.00
    [M#VP1019][Q#1 pc.][N#8/23/2016] Glass Shish atomizer that attaches to your battery & provides a water filtered hit. Battery not included. Specifications: Dual Coil Ceramic Chamber Dimensions: Height 3.75" x...
  • Silicone Cases Red/Green/Yellow
    $9.95 $3.85
    [M#VP1012][Q#1 pc.][N#3/23/2016] Silicone cases in four tie-die color schemes include a carrying tin and dab tool; ideal for storing wax and oil concentrate! Just $3.85 each!
  • Silicone Matts
    $9.95 $3.50
    [M#VP1018][Q#1 pc.][B#3/21/2017] Silicone Matts provide a surface for handling wax and oil, and are available in yellow or black. Dimensions: 10" x 6" 
  • Titan 2 | Vape Pen | Dry Herb
    $99.95 $29.00
    [M#VP1001][Q#1 pc.][N#2/11/2016] Titan 2 Dry Herb Vape Pen is perfect for everyday use, featuring a capacity of .4g dry herb. Adjustable temperature via LCD display, also registering battery usage & available charge...
  • Titan I Vape Pen Kit
    $89.95 $26.00
    [M#VP1000][Q#1 pc.][N#2/11/2016] Titan I Dry Herb Vape Pen operates with three heat settings indicated by red, green & blue lights. Specifications: 300˚, 380˚, & 420˚ Fahrenheit 2,200mAh Battery Low Voltage...
  • Willamette Vape Kit | Wax, Oil & Dry Herb
    $79.95 $26.00
    [M#VP1020][Q#1 pc.][N#2/11/2016] Titan 2 Dry Herb Vape Pen is perfect for everyday use, featuring a capacity of .4g dry herb. This wholesale vape pen has adjustable temperature via LCD display, also registering battery...
  • XVape Slim | Dry Herb | Blue
    $49.95 $18.00
    [M#VP1007][Q#1 pc.][N#3/13/2016] Available in chrome (steel), blue or black colors, the XVape Slim is a nice travel friendly vape pen for dry herb or flower.  Specifications: 320mAh Battery Ceramic Herb...
  • Yocan® 94F | 510 Thread | Dry Herb
    $39.95 $20.00
    [M#VP1006][Q#1 pc.][N#2/23/2016] Large capacity chamber boasting dual coil heating elements. The spring loaded tip enables fast repacking, and potential combustion. You can insert glass screens for a true vape...
  • Yocan® EXgo Kit | Wax & Oil | 510 Thread
    $49.95 $25.00
    [M#VP1004][Q#1 pc.][N#2/17/2016] Yocan® EXgo W1 Kit comes with everything you need for a true vape experience! Included are three Nero heating elements, break-through technology using super thin foil heating elements to...
  • YoCan® Ultron E-Nail | Wax & Oil | 510 Thread
    $99.95 $50.00
    [M#VP1005][Q#1 pc.][N#4/27/2016] A sophisticated, portable, domeless E-nail, reaching a max. heat of 1,300˚F! Includes 2 titanium heating elements, 1 nero heating element & 1 dual coil element. Sensor chip battery...

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