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Best Selling Hats for Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Notably marking the beginning of summer, Memorial Day originated shortly after the American Civil War, as a day reserved for recognizing and remembering fallen soldiers of the war. By the start of the twentieth century this remarkable National Holiday had transformed into a day to not only pay homage to the heroic soldiers of the United States Military, but also as a day for remembering all loved ones that have passed. In addition to being a day of remembrance, Memorial Day tends to be a time when families gather. For many it is a time for reaffirming family relations and in general enjoying the beginnings of the summer. Often times the holiday is occasioned with BBQs, potlucks and fireworks along with all the trimmings of a heart-warming family celebration. Historically this day of remembrance was celebrated on various days in May, depending on the region, however, determined to be a three-day-weekend holiday, Memorial Day is now officially recognized on the last Monday of May.

This holiday generates a significant increase in sales for several of the wholesale baseball hats available at CTS. Below you will find just a few of the best selling baseball hats for Memorial Day, along with a brief description and a photo of each hat.


Vietnam Veteran Baseball Cap



  • C5171 “Vietnam Veteran” is an embroidered baseball cap with an adjustable Velcro fitting. Available in navy blue, this hat sells for just $3.00.





Vietnam Veteran Baseball Cap




  • C5169 “Vietnam Veteran" Time Was Served Time To Honor” also features embroidered insignia and comes in navy blue. Priced at $3.00, this is another popular Memorial Day style.





 Wholesale Korea Veteran Hat


  • C1016 “Korea Veteran” baseball cap is embroidered and decorated. This hat sells for $3.00, and comes in black.





At CTS there is no minimum ordering requirements, which means you can purchase these baseball caps and hats at wholesale and give them as gifts, or you can opt to resell them at terrific sale prices while still making a very nice profit.