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Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses

Chinese Wholesale SunglassesIf you are looking to buy Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses directly from China, there are some very important points one should consider first. The benefits of buying directly from the factory are of course very impressive, however there are several things that should be considered prior to placing an order.

Xsporz™ Sports SunglassesFirst and foremost, the quantity of Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses is a paramount factor to be analyzed thoroughly. To order directly from a factory in China, you must be sure that you will be placing a large enough order. For instance, you will need to order no less than one hundred dozen of any particular MODEL of sunglasses, not to be confused with a ‘’Style”. To place an order of Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses, the factory will require you to place a minimum order of one particular model from one particular brand (such as Xsportz XS19), before the factory will deem it worthwhile to initiate production. This is due to a very practical approach to production. It is not cost effective to initiate production on Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses unless the production costs will not only be covered, but also surpassed in value.

One hundred dozen is truly a bare minimum-ordering requirement, which might not be enough to fully embrace the full benefits of buying directly from the factory. This is due to the second factor that should be weighed carefully prior to placing an order directly. Once production has been completed, there is the matter of importing the Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses. People savvy in the workings of import and export realities can appreciate the need to utilize the interior space of any container that will transport merchandise. There are three size options for containers, the smallest being a twenty foot container that when filled to maximum capacity will hold an average of 7,000 dozen sunglasses. You do have the option of shipping a partially filled container but the costs will be reflected negatively in shipping fees applied. The second size is a forty-foot container that is standard height. The third and largest size is forty-foot as well, with an increased height capacity, referred to as forty foot ‘high’. A standard forty foot container will hold an average of 15,000 dozen sunglasses, and the forty foot ‘high ‘container will hold 17,000. As you can plainly see, it would be most cost effective to order much more than the required 100 dozen minimum.Bulk Sunglasses

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If you have considered all of these factors, and are ready to place an order from a factory in China, CTS can help. With factories in China we are able to co-ordinate importing and exporting from our Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses factories and offer you all of the benefits of buying in this manner.