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Four Tips For Caring For Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses Cases

So, you have finally found the perfect pair of wholesale sunglasses. That one magical pair that you’re positive was developed specifically for you. Now, how can you ensure that your sunglasses will be with you for as long as possible? Well, read on, this article is full of terrific tips and tricks that hopefully will assist you, and prolong the relationship between you and your favorite shades.

  • First: Cases for sunglasses are critical. You’ll find that there are literally hundreds of designer sunglasses cases available. Since you’ve taken the time to find that perfect pair of sunglasses, chances are you’ll also want to take the time to find an attractive sunglasses case that fits your personality, and your sunglasses.
  • Second: One of the biggest mistakes frequently made by people is grabbing the corner of their shirt, or a napkin and using it to clean the lenses of their sunglasses. This can and will cause scratching of the lenses! Always keep a nice micro-fiber cleaning cloth on hand to clean your sunglasses with. A perfect storage spot for this is inside your sunglasses case. Then you’re assured it will be within easy reach when you need it.
  • Third: As time progresses you might discover a slight jiggle to your shades. This is a super easy fix, if you have the right equipment. Locate those little screws at the temple of the sunglasses frame. If you can find a screwdriver that fits it suitably, you can quite easily tighten the screws and eliminate the wiggle. Be cautious not to over tighten these screws because in time it can cause this screw to strip. Now, if you’ve purchased a handy-dandy sunglasses repair kit, this kit will include spare screws in addition to the ultra versatile screwdriver and other miscellaneous pieces that will undoubtedly come in exceedingly handy.
  • Fourth: In addition to storing your favorite sunglasses in a nice case for sunglasses, you might want to consider using the same microfiber cleaning cloth as a separator, when you fold your sunglasses up to place them into the sunglasses case, gently place the microfiber cloth between the ear pieces and the lenses, to ensure that the lenses won’t be scratched. This is particularly important when your sunglasses are metal framed.

For any and all of these tips, you can find the tools you need at CTS Wholesale Sunglasses. CTS has a great selection of attractive cases for sunglasses; both hard cases and soft cases. In addition, CTS has very convenient sunglasses repair kit and microfiber cleaning cloths as well as microfiber bags.

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