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Free Sunglass Display Box

CTS Wholesale strives to offer our customers every possible tool needed to be successful in the sunglass business. This is why we offer all of our customers a free display box with every dozen sunglasses purchased. Our display boxes have a distinct look for each brand.



Our DE™ Designer Eyewear brand is an extremely popular line of fashion sunglasses, with a very recognizable logo. That's what makes the DE ™Display Box work so well when displaying DE sunglasses. The DE™ Display Box is flat black with a large DE™ logo on the box top, and the front facing side, along with smaller DE™ logos on all four sides in an eye catching pattern. This box was designed to get people's attention and it does its job beautifully.



diamond-icon.pngDIAMOND™ EYEWEAR

Diamond™ Eyewear is noted for being the sunglass brand where you will find the popular rhinestone accented sunglasses. Diamond™ Eyewear is an exquisite line of sunglasses, and the display box was designed to illustrate what has become Diamond's trademark look of sparkle and glitter. This box is a gloss black, with an iridescent diamond shape behind the Diamond logo. A photograph just isn't capable of truly capturing the beauty of this Display Box. It is, without a doubt, as lovely as the sunglasses inside of it!



A leading brand of men's sports sunglasses, Xsportz™ has truly dominated the sports sunglass arena. Xsportz™ were designed to withstand the aggressive nature of sports, and therefore are made of the most durable materials. The Xsportz™ Display Box was designed to convey the sporty look these sunglasses are known for. This Display Box is high gloss and showcases a large Xsportz™ logo across the box top, with smaller logos patterned around it. A large Xsportz™ logo is fully visible on all four sides, as well as smaller logos. Everyone will know Xsportz™ Sunglasses are inside!



Zombie Eyes™ Designer Sunglasses for Men

display-box-page-logo.jpgZOMBIE EYES™

Zombie Eyes™ Sunglasses are our newest line of stunning men's designer sunglasses, with an urban feel. With styles for adults and kids, in several best selling frame designs, all featuring the ultra hip Zombie Eyes™ logos. The Zombie Eyes™ Display Box is a high gloss black with a metallic gun metal Zombie Eyes™ Skull logo that extends over all sides of the box, with a white Zombie Eyes™ logo on top and front end of box. 



The Compare To Styles sunglass line that we sell are comprised of several popular looks & feels. CTS styles range from flashy High Fashion Styles, to classic Aviators, California Classics, Sports Styles, Children's Styles all the way to funky & fun Novelty Sunglasses. This is our most versatile line of sunglasses and we have successfully designed the CTS Display Box to complement any and all of the styles of sunglasses it displays. The Display Box is a subtle shade of blue on four sides, with a white box top. The CTS logo with our famous smiling sun, is visible on the box top and box front.



At CTS Wholesale we realize that it is important to our customers that their competition does not find out their sources. For this reason we do not print our name on any of our display boxes. Our display boxes offer you an alternative to displaying your sunglasses without the extra-added cost of purchasing a display rack. The best way to utilize the display boxes is to place the boxes on a counter, table or shelf and place 3-4 pairs of sunglasses in varying colors on top of the boxes. This is a very attractive way to display your sunglasses and customers feel more comfortable to try on the sunglasses when they are more easily accessible. This will in turn generate more sales for you.