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Just For Men: Sorting Through Wholesale Sunglasses By The Dozen

Wholesale Sunglasses by the DozenAt first you might be surprised to find that the selection of wholesale sunglasses by the dozen for men is every bit as diverse as the types that are available for women, but that is just the case. Just like the sunglasses available for women should be matched to the facial characteristics they want to accentuate, men also need to take into account that the frames they pick will affect the overall look they get.

Sunglasses WholesaleOf course for the most part, the gents are dealing with a different set of facial characteristics than their female counterparts, and a good place to start matching sunglasses up here is with the strong-jawed face. Whereas women might want to contrast their look with the frame they choose, men with this look will often select sunglasses with sharply angled frames that will show off this attribute.

Deciding what kind of face suits a corresponding selection of sunglasses will help men to narrow down the choices considerably. For the active wearer, it's still a good idea to look at getting polarized lenses to cut down on the glare an active outside lifestyle can promote. Horizontal polarization refracts the sun's light and can cause quite a nuisance out on the water in the summer. You can easily purchase a pair of sunglasses wholesale that will include vertical polarization filters will help to cancel out the glare.

Although having a square jaw line is an attribute for many men, those with a pointed chin often want to choose shades that will balance things out. Getting sunglasses with a wide lower edge is a good choice here and you should try to avoid straight lines on the tops of these frames. There are other considerations as well and, as you might expect, if you're willing to part with the money, there are a wide range of designer sunglasses available to men.

As men adopt a personal style more and more, finding a pair of sunglasses that looks great becomes more important to them. Getting caught up looking through everything that's available when it comes to sunglasses can be daunting so using the criteria listed above should help you to narrow down your choices.Men's Wholesale SunglassesPolarized Sunglasses