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Sunglasses For Less

Sunglasses For Less

Unless you are willing to compromise on quality, finding sunglasses for less might prove to be somewhat challenging. Granted, it isn’t difficult to locate below average sunglasses. However, much more challenging is to find quality sunglasses at a low price.

Whether shopping for yourself, or your retail establishment, finding anything of quality at a low price might prove to be difficult. Most likely proving to be a frustrating and time consuming task as well.

Sunglass Quality:

Before you bankroll your efforts, first determine your standard of quality. Identify and define the standards and attributes you are expecting in your sunglasses.

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Lens Quality
  • Durability

• UV Protection:

Sunglasses should possess protection from both UVA and UVB radiation. Prolonged exposure to solar radiation increases the risk of developing conditions such as macular degeneration or cataracts. It is a good idea to provide this protection at an early age, as the duration of exposure directly impacts this development.

To learn more, The American Optometric Association provides an
online article regarding the hazards of UV radiation to the eyes.

• Lens Quality:

Lens quality is equally important. Unless you are going with a glass lens, lenses should be made of polycarbonate. This material is resilient and scratch resistant. While glass lenses are easily broken and scratched, polycarbonate is durable while still very cost effective.

Additionally lenses should provide vision that is free of distortion. Low quality sunglasses make their inferiority easy to spot by frequently providing a distorted view.

By holding sunglasses at arms length and viewing a straight line, then moving the lens slowly across the horizontal line you will be able to determine vision free distortion. If you see the line become curvy, sways (or in any other manner becomes distorted) you have yourself a poor quality lens.

• Durability:

Frame materials are commonly made of metal or plastic, and occasionally wood. You will want to find low priced sunglasses that don’t compromise on frame durability.

Often you will find metal frames with spring hinge temples, adding to the flexibility and overall comfort. This feature in turn allows for a greater durability, as the temple is less likely to become bent or disjointed from the frame.

Where to Find Them?

Once you have determined the quality of sunglasses you are seeking, you need to isolate a dependable supplier.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses is a top tier supplier of quality sunglasses. Possessing over 20 comprehensive years within the sunglasses industry; both retail and wholesale. CTS provides the expertise needed to supply the best sunglasses to the world over.

Dozens start as low as $8 and there are no minimum ordering requirements. You’ll find over 800 styles in stock and ready to ship at all times.  

To view the entire selection visit today.

What Styles to Get?

Possessing a keen understanding of the hottest fashions and up and coming trends; CEO Kirk Bachelder is able to create and develop cutting edge styles. CTS carries sports and designer sunglasses, all time favorites California Classics and Aviators in addition to a large selection of novelty sunglasses. All of which are made in adherence to our quality control standards.


Aviator SunglassesWayfarer SunglassesSports Sunglasses

CTS provides the largest online selection of the newest styles and a full range of known
best selling styles of sunglasses

Why CTS Wholesale?

CTS Wholesale is not only the largest direct importer of sunglasses, but also the manufacturer. Operating on the basic fundamental of volume, or bulk, CTS specializes in the mass production of sunglasses. CTS works hand-in-hand with the best factories to produce high quality sunglasses on a large scale. This in turn lowers the price you pay.

The entire CTS team understands the necessity of a superior selection, unimpeachable customer service and an impeccable reputation. To experience working with the best of the best, and find awesome sunglasses for less be sure to check out CTS today.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses: We look forward to working with you!