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Top 5 Reasons To Order Sunglasses In Bulk


Resellers to event planners, and even regular consumers, will benefit from purchasing bulk sunglasses. Whether you are looking to restock your inventory, add additional items to your stock or even stock up on personal sunglasses, buying sunglasses in bulk, such as wholesale classic sunglasses will not only save you money, but it can also make you money.

Here are the top 5 reasons to purchase sunglasses in bulk:

#1 – Affordable
Starting as low as $8.00 per dozen, when you purchase sunglasses in bulk, you will end up spending as a little as $0.66 per pair of sunglasses. If reselling, this can be a huge profit margin. If buying for personal use, huge savings. Whatever your intentions are, buying in bulk is extremely affordable.

#2 – Convenient
As a reseller, buying in bulk is convenient because the more your buy the less likely you will run out of stock. It will also help to cut down on the number of orders you have to place. Many wholesalers also package their sunglasses by the dozen in attractive display boxes, which can be very convenient for resellers when restocking shelves.

#3 – Easy to Order
A wholesaler's online presence makes it easy to order sunglasses in bulk, with many offering the ability to save your order history for easy access when it comes to reordering stock. The ability to browse the different selections of sunglasses online with just a click of a button can further cut down on the time that it takes to create an order.

#4 – Discounts
Buying in bulk from wholesalers can also offer additional discounts. At CTS Wholesale Sunglasses we offer an additional 10% discount on volume orders greater than $500. For orders over $1000 recieve an additional 15% discount, and if your order exceeds $2000, we'll take off another 20%.

#5 – Selection
Just because you are buying in bulk it does not mean you are limited to one specific style of sunglasses. Not only do you have the ability to purchase multiple styles in pack of a dozen, but we also offer a great selection of starter and sample packs. Just take a look at our package deals for more information.

Overall, purchasing sunglasses in bulk can be a smart move for resellers and consumers alike. From the ability to easily purchase multiple styles and designs at great affordable prices, bulk sunglasses are an excellent way to save money and make money at the same time.