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Useful Guide to Hats

Finding that one cap that fits just right can be a challenge. There are several ways that baseball hats will stay snug when you wear them. Commonly there are five unique fitting methods.

  1. Fitted
  2. Snap Back
  3. Velcro Closure
  4. Flex Fit
  5. Slip Buckle

Overall you have two basic options to choose from, buying a personalized fitted ball cap, measured to fit perfectly to your head size. Secondly you can opt for an adjustable fitting, with this there are a few options on the actual fitting mechanism; snap back, Velcro strap, or a slip buckle function. Flex fit hats fall somewhere between a fitted and an adjustable style cap.

Fitted Baseball Hat

Fitted baseball hats are just that; fitted to your specific measurements. These hats are typically more expensive, and are in no way adjustable. This is a popular style for sports activities, namely baseball; as they are a guaranteed snug fit if you have shopped properly.




Snap Back Baseball Hat


Snap back baseball hats have two strips of durable plastic that function together. One strip has several holes, with counterpart bumps on the remaining plastic strap. As you alternate between holes, the fit of the cap will either tighten or loosen.




Velcro Baseball Hat


Velcro baseball hats function similarly to a snap back cap, in that there are two strips, in this case of Velcro instead of plastic. These allow you to select a snug fit, and offer a somewhat improved ability of a perfect fit, as you are not limited to the spacing offered with a snap back hat.





Velcro Baseball Hat


Flex Fit baseall hats have a strip of elastic incorporated into the material of the baseball cap itself, and functions much like a pair of sweat pants would. The elastic strip allows for stretching of the cap.




Slip Buckle Baseball Hat


Slip buckle baseball hats function much like a cinch style belt, featuring a metal bracket that allows you to slip the strips of material to adjust the fit of the cap. This style offers a wider range of personalized fitting, like a Velcro closure too, as you are not limited to the pre-defined snap back settings.




Fitted Baseball Cap Wholesale


CTS offers two of these types of baseball caps; Fitted, and adjustable Velcro closure. C1056 is a very attractive “LA” baseball cap in white with royal blue coloring. C1055 is a “NY” baseball cap, in white with black coloring. Both of these hats are fitted caps.

The remaining selection of baseball caps at CTS are all adjustable Velcro closure hats. Of course the selection of beanies and animal hats are ‘one size fits all’, as the materials that these are made of is soft and flexible, allowing for a comfortable fit for people of all ages. 

No matter your preference of baseball hats, chances are that you will encounter hats featuring any of these closure styles. Most people tend to choose the hat for it's look and style, and will be content with what ever closure technique is utilized on the hat itself.