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What are Polarized Sunglasses?

What Are Polarized Sunglasses?Quite obviously, Polarized Sunglasses are glasses with polarized lenses. Maybe you are asking yourself, what's a polarized lens? The answer to this question can come in two forms. One being a very technical, detailed & scientific explanation. The second being a simplified explanation, or rather ‘layman’s terms’. With a little help from Wikipedia, I will attempt to paint a relatively clearer understanding of the functionality of a polarized lens.


How Polarizatoin Works:

There are two ways that light can be manipulated to achieve polarization; linear and circular. Linear polarization works in two distinct ways, absorptive or beam splitting. For eye wear, the absorptive linear polarization technique is used. Essentially, the actual light rays are manipulated based on a wire grid, at an electron level. This is the same technique used in a photographic polarizing filter. This is called a Polaroid polarizing filter, and is the most common polarized lens in use.

The Polaroid polarizing filter is most common for several reasons, not the least of which being the resilience of the final polarized lens. As well as the logistics involved in the manufacturing of this high quality lens.

What a Polarized Lens Does:

So we know that they work just like a photographer’s polarizing filter, or polarizer) but what is actually achieved by a polarized lens? People who dabble in photography most likely own a polarizer, which is used when shooting out of doors, for the benefit of eliminating reflected sunlight, and overall haze due to reflected light rays.

Polarized sunglasses elimanate reflected glare, enhancing acuity dramatically.

People that are consistently outdoors, whether for work or play, find these extremely beneficial. Due to the manner in which a polarized lens eliminates reflected glare & overall haze. Fishermen, golfers, & boaters all find that a comfortable pair of these make all the difference.

Where to Find Polarized Sunglasses:

xsportz-sunglasses.jpgPolarized Sunglasses have become increasingly popular with people from all walks of life. The unique characteristics of them make them a sought after alternative. At CTS, we have an extensive selection, as well as an polarized clip-ons. We have slide-style clip ons, as well as flip-up styles that are available in many lens shapes and sizes.

The nicest part is our full range is competitively priced. A dozen of Xsportz™ Brand start at just $36, and for $3 per pair, you’re bound to make an excellent profit retailing these.

Alternately, our Polarized Clip-Ons start at just $25 a dozen, which is an incredible price for these advanced technology lenses! So if you haven't checked out CTS's selection do so soon.

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The functionality polarized lens can easily be demonstrated with specialized signage. This is a nice tool for instigating a point-of-purchase transaction. 

Polarized Sunglass Sign