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Wholesale Reading Glasses ~ Everything You Need To Know

Reading Glasses

Unfortunately as time passes, it takes a toll on many parts of the anatomy, and bodies as a whole. Some might say that when it comes to aging; nothing is sacred. For some people joints will ache in cold weather, for others it might be brittle bones, and in most cases eyesight diminishes significantly. Which is why for many people, reading glasses are a necessity.

Of all the aliments that are associated with aging; needing a pair of reading glasses might well be the lesser of all evils. Granted, vanity is impacted, but at least there is an easy fix when eyesight begins to fade. With this truly being nothing more than a fact of life, as a reseller, you’ll be assured a continuing demand for reading glasses. Your toughest choice will be selecting which styles to stock, where to purchase them, and finally where exactly to display your selection.

Bi-Focal Reading GlassesThe "Power" of Reading Glasses

Understanding the basics of reading glasses will be helpful when selecting the styles you will want to offer customers. Generally people will refer to the degree of lens magnification as “Lens Strength”, or “Lens Power”; however the actual terminology for this unit of measurement is called a “Diopter”; much like an “inch” or a “foot”, the Diopter identifies the amount of magnification present in the lens.

Diopters are measured to a factor of .25 (e.g., +1.00, +1.25, etc.). Typically when you purchase wholesale readers, you will get an assortment of various diopter measurements within each set, ranging from +1.00–+3.50, or +4.00, depending on the selection.

The number value marked on the glasses is indiciative of the magnification provided. A +3.50 will greatly enlarge viewing, while +1.00 provides minimal enlargment. In this insance bigger is not necessarily better. It is imperative to retain the appropriate amount of magnification. If you opt for a higher diopter value than is needed a very unsettling "off kelter" sensations will overtake you.  

From Wholesale to Retail 

Reading Glasses are sold in a wide variety of packaging options. You can buy a full dozen of one style, which is comprised of assorted lens powers as well as frame colors. You can also buy in units of 24 or 36 pair, and several of these units will comes with a convenient display box in addition to individual carrying cases of hard or soft material.

Another purchasing option is Reading Glasses Package Deals. This option provides you with not only varying quantities, but various styles and lens strengths as well. In the very near future you will also have the ability to purchase package deals that include display stands. Enabling you to not only offer a nice selection of readers, but an ideal method of displaying your selection too! The retail value of these economical stater packs make these a terrific way to get started reselling.

Selling Tips

In addition to a good selection, it is also nice to provide sample reading material where ever you place your display of reading glasses. Perhaps near a magazine rack or anywhere that you have acceptable reading material allowing people to make an accurate selection of lens strength.

Additionally, there are different styles that are quite common, even preferred. Some people prefer to wear a small lens style that allows them to look through or over the reading glasses, while others prefer a full lens shape. Commonly there are rimless readers, as well as cat eye frames and rectangular frames. In some instances there are even LED-reading glasses, which have little lights in the arms, functioning as flashlights for the wearer.

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