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Xsportz™ Sunglasses

Xsportz™ SunglassesSport sunglasses have become a staple of many a man’s attire. In part due to the enhanced durability and fit required for an active lifestyle, and in part due to the cool look they achieve. Available in innumerable variations of frame and lens styles, these are readily recognizable by the sleek nature of the lens, and the often times ‘wrap around’ quality of the frame shape.

The Xsportz™ sunglass brand has established themselves as a leading brand for sport styles, with literally hundreds of popular sports styles that are dominating sales the world over. With selections ranging from ultimate sports styles with foam padded interior frames, to the more fashionable sleek aviator sports styles with metal frames. Whether you’re going to hike through a canyon or hit the open road on your motorcycle, Xsportz™ sports sunglasses will undoubtedly be just the right fit for your day of adventure, keeping the sun out of your eyes, and you look great! Many Xsportz™ come with the ultimate glare blocking polarized lenses too, adding yet another facet to the enhanced functionality of a pair of true sports sunglasses.

Below you will find a few of the newest sports sunglasses available from Xsportz™, all sold wholesale by the dozen, in an attractive Xsportz™ logo display box.


Xsportz™ Polarized Sunglasses




XS604 Xsportz™ Polarized Sunglasses is a brand new style, which has an attractive metal accent on the frame arms. Additionally, the arms have a very stylish graphic design with a gradient striping incorporating the Xsportz™ logo. Available in metallic blue, gloss black, matte black and transparent brown frame colors.







XS48 Xsportz™ Foam Padded Interior Frames Sunglasses offer the ultimate protection during any active sport, ensuring no dust or debris enters your eyes. This model is available in six attractive colors, several of which are a gradient duotone.




Xsportz™ Sports Sunglasses




XS513 Xsportz™ Sports Sunglasses is a popular sports style, with excellent revo lens options in each dozen. This is a plastic frame style, with two colored frames, and a nice wrap around frame shape.




Xsportz™ Square Aviator Style Metal Frame Sunglasses




XS555 Xsportz™ Square Aviator Style Metal Frame Sunglasses are very popular, offering a stylish flair to a very nice sports frame style. High quality spring hinge temples make these a favorite for comfort and fashion. Available in five frame colors, including gunmetal, bronze, silver and dark silver, as well as several revo lens options.



Xsportz™ have proven to be a favorite sports sunglass brand, shop online today at CTS and find an incredible selection of these sunglasses, all sold by the dozen, at unbeatable wholesale prices. Click here to view the entire collection.