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Discount Designer Sunglasses For You

Discount Designer Sunglasses

CTS carries not one but two leading brands of designer sunglasses; DE™ Designer Eyewear & Diamond™ Eyewear. These popular brands each boast an endless selection of high fashion styles, trending designs and classically favored styles such as California Classics & aviators. 

Our brands are developed by our very own design team, and rival top of the line, exclusive brands, in both style & price.

Although we don't actually sell those expensive, famous brand name sunglasses, all of ours are exceedingly comparable. Most importantly, our brands are not imitations or replica's, but they're surely just as attractive! As proved by our millions of happy customers.

All of our sunglasses provide 100% UVA & UVB protection, and are made of quality materials. We're able to provide them at wholesale pricing due to the high volume in which we manufacture & produce.

Our discount priced sunglasses are well worth buying because they are infinitely cheaper and just as high in quality. We offer comparable discount designer sunglasses for a fraction of the cost of those brands.

After browsing our full range of styles, you will discover for yourself that all of ours match and often surpass other brands, in design and appeal. The best part, of course, is our prices.

You'll spend less and get the look and flair you, or your customers desire. We are committed to excellence and are eager to impress you with our selection & style.

Buy Our Designer Sunglasses Wholesale

Additionally our brands are sold wholesale. Our customers are able to purchase by the dozen or the case; without providing a seller's license.

Consider buying from CTS, as we are not only the direct importer, but the manufacturer as well. By doing this you are avoiding the preverbal ‘middle man’, which is a terrific way to increase your profits. 

After you've discovered first hand why our brands are so popular, you'll truly appreciate the value at which we sell them.

They are so easy to sell, at many different venues too. They always sell very well at fairs, festivals and Saturday Markets, or kiosks in a mall. Our shades sell great in convenience stores, gas stations, and really just about anywhere there is a crowd of people.