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Sunglasses Wholesale: We don't carry fakes, we carry greats!

CTS Wholesale does not carry fake sunglasses, knock-off's, replicas or imitations! What CTS does carry is an amazing selection of killer sunglasses! We've got three successful brands of our very own, not to mention an endless selection of brandless styles. 

CTS does NOT sell replica sunglasses wholesale!

We pride ourselves not only on our selection of sunglasses, but our rock bottom prices, superior quality, incomparable customer service and cutting edge fashion sense. Bottom line, CTS has earned it's reputation as the best online source for sunglasses wholesale.

Why such low prices?

First ~ CTS is the manufacturer and direct importer, which eliminates middleman fees for our customers. These hidden fees can greatly impact consumers’ cost.

Second ~ Volume or Mass production of popular sunglass styles contributes greatly to manufacturing costs, which works to lower overall production costs, in turn keeping prices low for the consumer.

Third ~ Owner Kirk Bachelder prides himself on providing competitive prices, ensuring repeat business, rather than inflated prices and one-time buyers.

Great Pairs For Any EyesDesigner Inspired Sunglasses

There’s no denying that everybody loves a great looking pair of shades, or that everyone has their own sense of style. What looks great on your friend you may never willing be seen in public wearing! That's why here at CTS you'll find that there is something for everyone. 

That we sell by the dozen, while still providing wholesale pricing makes it very easy for resellers to offer a selection to accommodate the demand for variety. And for smaller resellers, or for those starting out, our selection of sample packs is a terrific way to widen that range while keeping costs down.

Shown below are just a few of the styles found here at CTS; take a look at the incredible range!

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