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All about the Origin of Jumbo Lighters

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 2nd Dec 2018

Lighters came into being in the 16th century in the form of a converted flintlock pistol. The first real lighter which was introduced by Johann Dobereiner was called the Dobereiner’s Lamp. It was the urge to create matches that were self-igniting that led to the invention of lighters. This was the result of the concerted effort of a team of scientists, chemists, and engineers who got together to develop a device that would provide a stable and steady flame by combining pressurized gas and flammable liquids with a spark. From this beginning, we now have lighters that are so common, mass manufactured, so advanced, so easy to use, and easily affordable. We also have jumbo lighters that are available at extremely competitive wholesale prices.

Pros of Using Jumbo Lighters

The jumbo lighters that are being sold wholesale are really big, they are wind proof, and their wicks and flints are replaceable. It is not necessary to buy large quantities just because you are buying them wholesale. They are beautifully packaged by the dozen which makes it extremely convenient especially if you are a small time retailer. The jumbo lighter is rugged and can be safely used by campers and others alike. The flame can be extinguished by just closing the lid, so it is easy to use and extremely popular. The lighter will burn as long as there is fuel inside and since it is a jumbo lighter, it will burn for a longer time.

Where Are Jumbo Lighters Used

The jumbo lighters that are sold wholesale has cotton inside that holds the fuel and also a felt pad that ensures that the fluid does not drip out. The greater the amount of wick exposed, the greater will be the size of the flame. Lighters are used to ignite stoves, candles, cigars, and cigarettes. They are refillable too which makes it extremely environmental friendly. Lighters are used at camps to light campfires or bonfires to cook or to keep away wild animals. Till the advent of the electric heaters, lighter were very popular in homes to light up the fireplace in the cold winter months. It also was used to light up stoves or the wood in a fire pit at camps or open kitchens.

Lighters as Promotional Tools

Lighters are very popular as promotional tools especially the jumbo lighters that are sold wholesale. Any consumer would be glad to be the owner of a jumbo lighter and would proudly share information about your product or service wherever he goes.