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Are Magnifying Reading Glasses Bad for Your Eyes

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 5th Nov 2018

There are tons of reasons why people wear magnifying reading glasses, ranging from protection of the eyes, help in reading documents, and for fashion. Glasses are considered to be trendy, and sometimes, people choose to wear them just because it looks good on them and adds to their personality. Now, the question is, are magnifying reading glasses bad for your eyes?

Magnifying Reading Glasses Reduce Eye Strain

The eye needs to strain a little bit while focusing on nearby objects, which is why reading causes some people’s eyes to water or feel tired. The eye tightens its muscles while focusing on nearby objects, causing the lens to become rounded. Magnifying reading glasses can help lessen the strain of reading on your eyes so that your eyes feel fresh even if you need to spend the whole day studying or reading important documents. Magnifying reading glasses do the work of focusing for you, so that your eyes can relax a bit.

Magnifying Reading Glasses Are Not Harmful To Your Eyes

Magnifying reading glasses are worn by many people to improve their eyesight and reduce strain while reading. Since reading glasses focus images on your retina, it lessens the strain your eye needs to go through to accommodate to the near object. Magnifying reading glasses are also worn by people over the age of 40 who are presbyopic, meaning their eyes no longer have the ability to accommodate. They are completely safe to be even worn by those who do not have any problems in their vision.

Some Effects That May Be Caused By Wearing Magnifying Reading Glasses

Although in majority of cases, magnifying reading glasses are completely fine to wear, some people do observe certain negative effects of wearing them. Some of these effects are explained as follows. Certain people with perfect eye sight may experience blurred vision that causes dizziness while walking. This is harmless to your eyes, but could cause accidents.

Wearing reading glasses designed for another person may cause your eyes to tire easily. It could also cause your ears or nose to hurt since the glasses are physically designed to suit someone else’s face.

These effects of magnifying reading glasses are only temporary, and stop as soon as you stop wearing glasses. There are no long term effects of wearing magnifying reading glasses, which is why they are considered to be completely safe to wear by anyone.