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Are You Stocking Over Glasses Sunglasses to Attract Spectacle Wearers?

30th Dec 2018

As a sunglasses retailer, you have to cater to the needs of different segments of customers including those who wear prescription eyewear. Offering over glasses sunglasses is a great way to keep customers happy and include an additional revenue generating stream to your business.

What are Over Glasses?

People who wear prescription eyewear face a particular challenge – they need their spectacles for vision clarity but at the same time, they also need the sun protection that sunglasses provide. Over glasses sunglasses solve this problem beautifully. Over glasses are specially designed to fit perfectly over most smaller framed eyewear without hampering the wearer’s vision in any way. They feature a smart wrap around design for eye protection from all sides.

Provide Quality Sun Protection

These type of sunglasses provide complete 100% UVA and UVB protection just like regular sunglasses. Wearing them, customers can go outdoors and receive protection from the sun’s harmful rays. You can also find designs with polarized lenses – the benefit of these is that they provide protection from glare. As such, they are the ultimate eye protection solution. They are available in different lens tints including yellow, which is very useful when driving.

Available in Fashionable Styles

Apart from being supremely practical, over glasses sunglasses are also stylish and fashionable. You can find them in numerous popular styles for both men and women. Wearing them, anyone can venture out outdoors with full confidence. Whether you want over glasses sunnies with transparent colored frames, different lens tints or even glamorous rhinestone accents, you can find them. Take your pick from styles featuring black, white and animal print side arms or styles featuring red, brown, white and back transparent side arms. Many of the designs are unisex - making them suitable for men as well as women.

Low Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale over glasses come packaged in a box of twelve assorted pieces. There is no limit to how many you can buy. The minimum order is a single box containing a dozen assorted pieces. Prices are very affordable, ranging from twenty dollars to forty dollars. If you’re new to the business or you want to test out the popularity of a particular style, purchase a single box a see how they sell. You are sure to make a profit because there are many people out there who use these sunglasses extensively and leave them around at several places – in different rooms and in different vehicles.

Explore the entire collection of over glasses sunnies and give your business a march over others!