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California Classics Back in Stock Now!

6th Feb 2013

California Classics are one of the most iconic sunglass styles on the market today, which is in large part due to the infamous Blues Brothers movie, released in 1980. However originally developed by Ray-Ban in 1956, this style did receive early popularity throughout the 50's & 60's. Over the past six decades the basic trapezoidal frame shape has been refined, revamped, altered and accentuated in enumerable ways, yet it remains as always, an easily identifiable style of sunglasses, as well as a top seller.

This month CTS has brought back many favorites, with improved colors and quality. Most notably however, you will be pleased to discover they are available now for an unbeatable $18 per dozen for adults, and just $12 per dozen for kid's sizes! And of course every dozen comes with one of our attractive free display boxes for your convenience. Shown below are just a few of the seventeen styles that we have re-stocked!

9061 is the classic Black California Classics, available in both gloss black and matte black. This dozen also includes a trendy new 'reverse tortoise' frame color, which is similar to a leopard print pattern. If you're a retailer, this is sure to be a great seller.

Wholesale California Classics

26412 is a fun two color frame, with black being the interior color. The dozen includes six terrific colors; green, maroon, yellow, blue, purple and red. For only $18 a dozen you can easily afford to have a pair for every outfit in your closet if you're shopping for yourself.

9030 is one of our most requested styles, with the American Flag printed frames, this is a must have for any self respecting retailer of sunglasses for the 4th of July. This model is ideal for Independence Day celebrations!

Polka Dot California Classics

25812 is a playful Polk-A-Dot printed style, and comes in wonderful color choices. Among the colors included in each dozen are a hot pink, deep red, a lovely turquoise, lavender, white and gloss black.

663 is one of the Kid's styles we have back now, this is a colorful assortment. Each pair features black frame arms with bold colored front frames. Colors are great for both boys & girls. Just $12 a dozen, makes these an amazing $1 per pair!

To see all of the California Classics in stock now at CTS, click here.