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Camouflage Sunglasses Back in Stock!

12th Sep 2013

For many of our customers this is big news! A favorite for hunters and right on time to have them for the big season! Camo Sunglasses were a terrific seller, and we've had many requests for these, so we're super happy to say that yes! Camo Shades are back in stock now!

Heres a quick run through on which styles are here, and a brief description as to the simple differences between them. You'll note that we've tried to select some of the most common frame qualities that appeal to you, and made those qualities available in the camo patterns. First we have 12010 and 12210 witch feature the popular half-rim frame style with a high base curve giving them a wrap around feel. Our third option is model 12110 which offers a full frame. All three models have a slight upward tilt to the lens and come in several unique camo patterns, with alternate colors. Another nice option are the flash mirror lens choices in each dozen.

All three models are priced wholesale for only $21 a Dozen, and will include each of the color choices shown within the dozen. Suggested retail for these camouflage sunglasses is anywhere between $10-$15 per pair, depending on your location and venue. Happy (& Safe) Hunting!

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