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Camouflage Sunglasses

9th Feb 2012

Camouflage sunglasses are ideal for hunting, and CTS has three brand new sports styles from the quality Compare to Styles! If you're an avid sportsman, you'll want to check these out. This is a leading sports brand of men's sunglasses, and at CTS you can buy these by the dozen, at incredibly low wholesale prices. Camouflage sunglasses are available in several very nice camouflage patterns and color variations as well.

The first of the three new styles of Camouflage sunglasses are a nice lightweight style with a partial frame. This model comes in an assortment of six variations of camouflage. Two are classic army green camouflage, while another two are variations of a blue & black camo pattern, and there is also two variations of grey camouflage. With a great mix like this, you're sure to find a camouflage that suits your needs perfectly, or those of your customers! The Model #12210 starts at only $19 a dozen, which is just $1.58 a pair. You'll make a very nice profit retailing these fast selling sports sunglasses. And don't forget each dozen comes packaged in a nice looking, ready to use display box too. Model #12010 also comes in a lightweight partial frame style, with a distinctive lens shape that appeals to a lot of people. The assortment of camouflage coloring is similar to Model #12210, with a great assortment included in each dozen sunglasses. Another of the newest Camouflage sunglasses features a very durable full frame, with revo lenses. Model #12110 comes with four camouflage sunglasses, three of which are classic green camouflage, and one style of grey camouflage. These are a great selling sports style, and are just $19 a dozen also.

CTS is committed to providing their customers with the top selling sunglasses available on the market currently, and the Camouflage sunglasses are no exception. These consistently sell very well, so be sure to take a look at these new additions soon.Camouflage SunglassesWholesale Camouflage SunglassesWholesale Camo Sunglasses