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Choosing sunglasses with a Smart Mirror

Posted by Jim Connolly on 8th Sep 2015

Finding the perfect sunglasses frames for your face, may be about to get a lot easier.

For years, people have struggled to find the sunglasses design and shape, which best suits them. They see someone wearing a very cool pair of sunglasses, then go looking for a similar pair. It’s only after trying them on, that they realize those shades don’t suit them. That’s because there are a number of different facial shapes. Each shape is best suited to a certain type of sunglasses.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

News reached me earlier of a technology, which allows you to see what you will look like in thousands of different frames, using a smartphone / tablet device. The app is a kind of virtual mirror and has been designed by Smashing Ideas.

The forward facing camera on your device captures your face. You can then “try on” around 10,000 different designs / styles of sunglasses and eyewear, direct from your device. You can even move your head and the sunglasses will move realistically with you. So, you can see what the sunglasses will look like from different angles.

Apparently, the app uses a combination of; Pupillary Distance measurement, face tracking software, virtual try-on assets and 2D to 3D image conversion, to create what they call a near perfect experience. It's possible for the user to move their head and see their virtual sunglasses from different perspectives, because the facial tracking software tracks 66 different feature points.

Whilst I have not used the app, I have seen it being demoed and the experience looks superb. It was way more realistic than I expected.

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