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CTS Wholesale Sunglasses & Google+ = A Bright, bright future

18th Jul 2012

With social networking exploding across the Internet, it's no wonder that Google has implemented its own version of Facebook. For those that have yet to reach their fill of digital communication, and even for those that have, Google+ is emerging as a front-runner. If you haven't explored this new social networking avenue it comes highly recommended, as both an alternative to Facebook and as a functionally comparable and perhaps much more mature, distant cousin to the social giant Facebook.

Anyone with a gmail account is already established in this new online community. For tips on the actual functionality of Google+, the web is flooded with helpful tutorials. You might be interested in 'boning up' on the ins & outs of this quickly growing network,. To learn more about the workings of the social networking community, google has made it simple with a helpful Overview section.

CTS has created it's own Google+ page, as well as each of the four brands. Designer Eyewear™, Diamond Eyewear™ & Xsportz™ each have their own profile pages, where you can easily follow the happenings for each brand. This is where you'll hear about new styles, and have the ability to comment on them. To access any of these pages, simply type in the brand name into your google search bar while being logged into your gmail account. From there you will have the ability to begin "following" them.

Noticeably, Google+ offers much more controls over you're sharing preferences, by creating "circles". Allowing you to easily access and dictate who sees posts that you make, what posts you see and much more. While mirroring Facebook in many ways, Google+ also offers several wholly unique abilties too. "Hangouts" are maybe the neatest feature, which allows video chatting with up to 10 people at any given time. It's looking like Google+ has a very bright future, be sure to grab your sunglasses and find us on Google+ today!