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Customer Testimonials on CTS

28th Dec 2011

Customer Testimonials

CTS has a new area on the website dedicated to Customer Testimonials, which in and of itself, isn't a new concept, but there is one very impressive, distinguishing factor that set CTS's apart from the rest. CTS is a leading, and often times a ground breaking, online wholesale supplier and this new area for customer testimonials is no exception. Our testimonials are from customers, they're sincere, they're legit, and they're always true.

CTS reviews come from " Capture Reviews" which is an independent third party organization that allows customers to review products and services from businesses that are then shared with the associated business. Our customer testimonials come courtesy of "Capture Reviews", and each one is direct feedback from a customer.

Customer Testimonials display on the lower left portion of the navigational area, and function somewhat like a slide show, allowing you to read (or not read) them as you browse our merchandise line of wholesale sunglasses, displays, oil lighters, etcetera. Since this is actually a very recent addition to our site, we're eagerly anticipating additional customer reviews to come our way. We really want to hear from our customers!

CTS provides more than just quality wholesale merchandise. The entire CTS team is dedicated to providing impeccable customer service, and building unsurpassed customer relations. We need you're help to do it though, so please, give us your feedback! You actually have several ways to do this too. If you order frequently from us, watch your emails, "Capture Reviews" might send you an inquiry. You can always post feedback to any one of our blog posts as well. And if you see a product you like, or you have already ordered it, you can recommend it on facebook by simply clicking the recommend button on the product page. In addition to these methods, there is google's +1 as well.

Let us hear from you! And be sure to see what other's have to say about CTS in our new Testimonials area.

CTS Team