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Different Varieties and Styles of Wholesale Sunglasses

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 11th Feb 2019

The advantage of buying from a sunglasses wholesaler is that you get a wide variety of styles and designs at wholesale prices. It isn’t the same as walking into a store and just picking out one pair. Here, you can buy a full set and match them with the occasion and outfit. Let’s take a look at some of the variety that are usually on offer.

Wooden styles

This is perfect for those who are environmentally friendly and want to stay away from plastic frames. These wooden sunglasses not only look trendy but are growing in popularity by the day. It can be worn by the young and the old alike as it has a classy and elegant look to it.

Safety sunglasses

sunglasses wholesaler will also stock safety pairs that comes in different tints. For example, you can choose one that is ideal for driving and is made of heavy-duty resistance material which is impact- proof. Prior to your purchase identify the nature of the lens that you require so you can find the best fit.

Clear sunglasses

Not too keen to get a tinted pair? Don’t worry as you can pick up a pair of clear sunglasses which will work just as fine. These frames are very popular today. Contrary to popular belief, although they are clear and free of any tint, these sunglasses come with complete UV protection. Therefore, you won’t have to compromise on the health of your eyes just to wear these clear lenses.


When you order with a sunglasses wholesaler, you can buy clip-ons in different sizes, tints and shapes. Further, you can opt for a slide style or a flip-up style based on your requirement. These are not only comfortable to wear but very useful especially if you have to change your style often.


Want to continue enjoying your favourite book while wearing sunglasses? Now you won’t have to replace your sunglasses with your reading pair as it comes- all in one! You can simply buy a pair of reading glasses that come with a tint. These are also UV protected and can be customized to match your lens power.

A professional sunglasses wholesaler will also stock polarized, novelty and custom printed pairs. They will also have package deals with lucrative discounts to make your purchase even more enjoyable. The designs are usually grouped under men, women, children and unisex or under categories such as aviators, classics etc. Browse through the collection in advance so you can make the right pick.