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Favorite Hologram Sunglasses Back in Stock

2nd Apr 2014

Wholesale Hologram SunglassesCustomers will be happy to hear about the return of favorite Hologram Sunglasses, and even a few new ones. This month CTS is excited to announce the return of both Pot Leaf & Smiley Face Holographic selections, in addition to a few creepy skull holograms.

For those who don't know, wholesale hologram sunglasses are made with high quality glass lenses, and boast a metal frame. The entire selection is sold for just $24 a dozen, making these a great investment for retailers & resellers. With no minimum ordering requirements, they're priced for personal shoppers too!

$24 a dozen! Get 'em now!

Poker players are notorious for utilizing hologram sunglasses, reaping the benefits the unique lenses offer. Shown below are just a few of the holographic lens options currently available at CTS Wholesale Sunglasses:

Smiley Face Hologram Sunglasses                 Money Holograms

Pot Leaf Hologram Sunglasses                       Skull Hologram Sunglasses

We have many other models including crazy eyeballs, scary skulls, lizard eyes and others. If you haven't check out the full range be sure to do so soon, you won't

believe your eyes!

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