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Get Noticed with Great Sunglass Displays

25th Jul 2012

Do you want to sell sunglasses in your store? If you do, get the best displays to show off your sunglasses. Whether they are trendy, aviator or just the latest in styles - sunglasses need to be viewed easily to sell properly. That way they don't get scratched or broken. If the display has mirrors, people will stand around and look and try them on for a long time. They will even look further once they have decided upon a pair. It is just human nature to take time in looking for sunglasses. They are a very personal item.

At CTS Wholesale Sunglasses we have great sunglass displays. From small to large, we have the display that will fit the decor of your shop and make the sunglasses that you want to display look really sharp. Don't just settle for a partitioned box to display them, have a rack that puts the sunglasses at eye level. That way they will be seen from many places in your store and sell like hot cakes. Let us help you with sales suggestions and merchandise. We have been in the business of retail selling for many years and understand the ins and outs. Our sunglasses, lighters, hats and reading glasses are big sellers not only for convenience stores, but also at local events like fairs, concerts, sporting events and much much more. We will help you maximize your profits while contributing a great service.

Contact us and see for yourself the great selection of items you can sell from us. We sell nearly everything we have by the dozen to give you the maximum sales inventory at the very best prices available online today. There are volume discounts for orders larger then $500.00. Visit our site and see for yourself the great prices and all the volume discounts for larger orders.

As a valued customer of CTS Wholesale Sunglasses you will come to know firsthand that our staff is knowledgeable about the products and accessories along with all the avenues for potential sales. We can discuss with you what it takes to be successful and put you on the right track. We are here for you and want your experience with us to be exactly what you want it to be. Our quality is great and our staff is outstanding. Visit us today and start your journey into successful retailing selling with CTS Wholesale Sunglasses. We are here to help you!

Rotating Counter-Top Sunglass Display