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Great Tips For Caring For Your Sunglasses

19th Sep 2012


Finding the right pair of sunglasses can take some time, and caring for your investment is easier than you might think. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your sunglasses in top shape.

It's important to clean the lenses often to remove dust and fingerprints, while the side arms and frames should also be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and keep them looking new. Since liquid acts as a lubricant to reduce both friction and scratching, you should never attempt to clean dry lenses and should always avoid using glass-cleaning products that contain ammonia, which can damage the coating on the lens.

Lens solution can be purchased from most optical stores, but rinsing lenses with cold or warm water is also effective. Rubbing lenses gently between your fingers in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap is an inexpensive way to remove dust deposits and smudges. Only a clean microfiber cloth should be used to wipe lenses dry since tissue, paper towels or clothing can produce scratches or leave marks.

To maintain the shape of your sunglasses, and avoid a lop-sided frame caused by loose hinges or stretched side arms, be sure to use both hands when putting on and removing sunglasses. Pressure from wearing sunglasses on top of your head can also cause them to stretch out of shape. When removing sunglasses, carefully fold ear rails in and always set sunglasses down with lenses facing up to avoid scratches or other damage.

Avoid keeping sunglasses inside your vehicle. Many people are unaware that exposure to extreme heat or cold can bend frames and damage lens coatings. A sunglass case is certainly the best way to keep your sunglasses handy and safe. There are many styles to choose from, including hard cases that can prevent accidental damage to a lens or frame, to a soft case that is effective against scratches.

Choosing one of these cases in a bright color or pattern will make it easier to find your favorite pair of sunglasses, whether they are deep inside your purse, or when you need to dash out the door quickly. You should always make it a habit to keep your sunglasses inside the protective case when not in use.

Taking proper care of your sunglasses will help them to feel comfortable, look great and last longer.