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Hat Displays: The Hot Seller This Holiday Season!

24th Dec 2012

When the thermometer dips, people look to cover their heads and stay warm. That's why cold weather hats are always a big seller in the winter season and this year is no exception.

Placing these products front and center in your store or kiosk ensures that you'll be turning over the inventory in time for the snow and holidays. One of the marketing tools you really need to consider are hat displays to make these gems more appealing and noticeable. Like a lot of other marketing choices you have to sort through, finding the right display for your business means matching up one of the various choices with your needs.

First off, you need to think about the amount of space you're going to allocate. For example, a floor model with a rotating display is great when you want to be able to have baseball caps, cold weather and even animal hats where customers can easily access them. The advantage here is each cap is shown individually and with a capacity of 12 units, this model is perfect for beside the entranceway or at the front of any aisle.

There's no reason to segregate products that fit together in snowy or icy conditions either. A combination display rack for hats & sunglasses is a terrific way to remind people looking for one or the other of these items that these items actually go well together and will make the perfect gift.

Finally, a large inventory doesn't need to collect dust in the back room when you've got a high capacity hat rack at your disposal. Each of the four shelves will hold a number of hats and caps at the same time. Because the hats sit loose with this model, you can move products to different locations while inviting customers to sort through the different selections.