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Hot sunglasses news

Posted by Jim Connolly on 5th Oct 2015

News reached me this week of an unusual, sunglasses related police incident. A police Lt. in New Hampshire has arrested a local woman, who he claims stole a pair of sunglasses. Nothing too unusual there. 

The twist in this story is that the sunglasses belonged to… the police officer!

It’s alleged that the sunglasses were stolen, when the woman met with the police officer in his office, following a previous matter. Shortly after the meeting, the officer noticed his sunglasses were no longer on his desk. It’s then claimed that a few days later, the officer asked for permission to search the woman’s car and he found his sunglasses in her glovebox.

Why are sunglasses such a commonly stolen item?

Whilst incidents of stealing from the police are understandably rare, the theft of sunglasses is sadly common. From single pairs of sunglasses being stolen from vehicles etc., to the large scale theft of expensive, designer sunglasses, shades are a popular item among thieves.

The motivation for stealing sunglasses is clear: They are always in demand. The thief knows he or she will have no problem selling them. Whether a single pair or a truck load, “hot sunglasses” tend to move quickly.

Sunglasses security tip

Always make sure your sunglasses are not on display, when your vehicle is left unattended. This is sound advice, even if your sunglasses are of relatively low value. The damage caused to a vehicle from an opportunist thief stealing sunglasses, can be many times the value of the actual sunglasses. Smashed windows and broken locks are not inexpensive to repair.

So, if you're not taking your sunglasses with you, remember to keep them concealed inside your vehicle. It takes just a few extra seconds to put your sunglasses in the glovebox, making your vehicle a less likely target.

Here's another sunglasses theft story: The thief who stole sunglasses from a car and left a winning, million dollar lotto ticket behind!

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