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Hot Sunglasses Trends: Stalk Celebrities, History and Fashion

18th Jan 2012

Keep up with buyer demand by tracking the hottest trends in sunglasses styles, just the way your customers do: Customers stalk celebrity sunglass styles and track the latest fashion twists. Here are trend-tracking tips to help style-forward sunglasses wholesalers get there first! You'll find new style tips from fashion blogs, picture-match search sites and the latest detailing on historic classics.

First Fly Boys. Then Celebrities. Classic Aviators Get Updated.

Thank the Army Air Corps (tip 'o the hat to Bausch & Lomb and Polaroid's Edwin Land, too) for meeting pilot demands for anti-glare, filtered sun, high-altitude sunglasses. Later, Ray Ban introduced Aviator sunglasses. Hollywood stars and privacy-seeking celebrities made them famous. Now, aviator styles are popular worldwide.

Wearing price-is-no-object sunglasses, can you ID these icons in their classic Aviators and Pilots?

Angelina Jolie Aviators           Brangelina Aviators          Jake Gyllenhaal in Pilots

 (Angelina Jolie, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brangelina Duo)

Eye-protecting, new style, affordable Aviators are available to smart sellers. Check out these stunning Aviator Sunglasses from CTS Wholesale Sunglasses (# 27515):

  • o Latest frame patterns and colors (faux animal print; red, and trendy white)
  • o Choice of lens colors
  • o UV 400 Protection (blocks 100% UVA/UVB rays)

Get new Aviator style wholesale ($10 per dozen) in free display box.

 Sunglasses Display Box                  Popular Sunglasses

Long Live The Bling

Demand for Bling detailing has been going strong on fashion blogs and off store shelves for over three years. See metallic thread embroidery and rhinestone patterns sewn into everything from self-jeweled little black dresses and shiny gold-silver-bronze handbags to comfort sweats.

See also Bling trendsetters: Michelle Obama's Swarovsky Crystal encrusted inauguration coat dress (from then new designer Jason Wu); the ultra-fashionista gold metallic trench coat that sparkled down catwalks; and, glittery accents applied to accessories, apparel, nail charms and sunglasses.

Dress Bling             Metallic Trench Coat


Sunglass Bling on Jessica Alba

Catch the Bling Ring on these fashionista sunglasses worn by _____ ???

(Actress Jessica Alba)

Catch the Bling in Designer Style Diamond Eyewear with Rhinestones from CTS Wholesale Sunglasses (#di126) . . .

  • o Latest Diamond Ladies styles (colored lenses & frames, including trendy gray-whites)
  • o Full UV 400 eye protection (blocks harmful rays 100%)Bling detailing in lovely rhinestone flower sprays

Keep the Bling Trend alive with latest Designer Style Diamond Sunglass with Rhinestone Floral details (wholesale

$32 per dozen).

And get the signature Diamond logo display box free.

New Sports Style Men's Sunglasses with Latest Details, Made Affordable

Note trends in sports style sunglasses, on and off the course. These are high-summit price points . . .

  • Lance Armstrong for Oakley
  •  Cyclist Lance Armstrong's rugged sporty Oakleys. Note signature arm color detail.

Sports Shape Oakley Lens

This Olympic snowboarder, sporting Oakleys, models x-sports curving lens.

Now scan New Xsportz Sports Sunglasses for Men (#XS107). Latest detailing, sporty lens shapes, affordable CTS Wholesale Sunglasses prices.

New XSportz Sunglass Style

o Latest metal detailing on arms, lens shades and shape

o Choice of frames, including outdoor pattern

o Full UV 400 protection to block UVA and UVB rays

  1. o Popular Xsportz™ Sports Sunglasses $24 per dozen

Free Xsportz™ signature display box

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DIY Picture Matching Search & Celebrity Stalking

Want to Do-It-Yourself track down accessories and sunglasses of the rich and famous? Plan to data mine your celebrity picture stalking and find affordable look-alikes to sell? Try these -

Stalk celebrities and their sunglasses styles (without being pesky paparazzi) at Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher. You can set Options: Similar Styles; More Sizes; Colors.

Visual Fashion Search and Picture-Matching gurus from the old have linked up with Google Search Engines. Access through a, b or c:

(a) Google Product Search, which uses both the fashion sense and picture-matching technology of to help you find WHO or WHAT you want.

(b) Go to and click on IMAGE channel search. Then enter Keywords (sunglasses; "celebrities wearing sunglasses"). Once you get a gallery of choices, you can refine your image search by clicking on SIMILAR (color, shape, fashion item, celebrity name).

(c) Go to and enter "search engines for fashion" in the search box.

Once you've found the trendiest, the hottest, the most sell-worthy celebrity preferences for sunglasses, eyewear and hats, then go to CTS Wholesale Sunglasses to get the best wholesale prices and designer styles.