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How A Guy Chooses A Wholesale Hat

22nd Jan 2013

Baseball / Football Cap "FUSSBALL beflugelt"
Guys have style too, although not every woman might believe it, but there are men that take great pride in choosing some of their accessories. In fact, there's a whole process for the way a man looks for a wholesale hat. Whether you've noticed it or not, just grabbing a baseball hat to keep the sun off your head is yesterday's news. Today's man knows just how to go about finding stylish hats. Here are a few pointers:

First off, there's some terminology that anyone needs to learn so they understand all the parts of the hat they're looking for. The area of the hat that covers the head has its own name and it's called the crown. Many people have heard the term brim bantered around but they might not really know what it refers to. That's the section that protrudes from the bottom of the crown and usually goes right around the head.

Looking for the right type of hat means taking the time to match up a few physical characteristics with the right material. For example, just coordinating your complexion with the available colors of wholesale hats makes a big difference. If you've got a ruddy face most of the time, the experts say that you should stay away from black hats as that color will draw attention to your red face. Similarly, a pale face does better with a tan or green choice.

Of course you need to consider more than just the color of your face to get the right hat for you. When you're looking for a complementary chapeau, you need to look in the mirror and take a good look at the shape of your face. With a long face, you'll need to get the hat that sets your features off and makes the most of those characteristics. Here a low crown and wide brim are what you need to look for. With an oval face, you can choose from most of the hat types available.

There you have it, a few of the secrets that guys use when they're looking for hats. The next time you're looking to buy a hat of any description, make sure you take the time to consider some of these criteria. And don't forget, in additional to sunglasses, we also have a wide selection of hats available. You can find our many available wholesale hats here.

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