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How to Choose the Dress Code for a Beach Wedding

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 13th Nov 2018

What’s not to love about beach weddings? They’re dreamy, fun, romantic, and charming. The open air and the cool rush of the waves are sure to refresh you and your guests. But, unlike traditional weddings, beach weddings require a different type of planning. You need to keep in mind the weather, the food, and most importantly – the dress code for you and your guests.

Since not everyone is used to attending a wedding taking place at a beach, it will be extremely helpful and fun if you could come up with an appropriate dress code for you and your loved ones so that they’re not left scratching their heads as to what’s the best outfit to wear along with their personalized sunglasses for beach wedding!

Here are some tips to help you pick the right dress code and share it with friends and family in advance, so that everyone is prepared to come along and have fun with you on your special day!

Choosing the Outfit

Beach weddings are usually planned in the summer when the weather is sunny and nice, so don’t forget to ask your guest to bring their personalized sunglasses for beach wedding! You will need to inform your guests about the venue of the wedding a little in advance so that they are able to pick out or shop for their outfit to wear at your beach wedding! Evening gowns or formal wear may not be best suited for a day at the beach, so choose a dress code that’s fun and comfortable for you and your guests. Summer dresses, skirts and colorful breezy tops are best for the ladies, while men can party the day away in cargo pants or capris and casual shirts.

Choosing the Accessories

Along with the main outfit, don’t forget to remind your guests about the accessories they will need at the beach party. You can choose to print out all the information about the main outfit as well as accessories such as personalized sunglasses for beach wedding in the wedding invitation so that you don’t forget to tell everyone!

Sun hats are functional accessories as are sunglasses. You can ask your party guests to bring their own or you can choose to pass out sun hats and personalized sunglasses for beach wedding as party favors at the start of the event! Also, remember to inform them to wear flat sandals, and bring lots of sunscreen and some extra beach wear in case they would like to take a dip in the ocean!