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How to Get Better Sunglass Displays?

26th Sep 2012

With the state of business in recent years, how do I make a living, or how do I even keep my business going? These questions have been and still are on the minds of many business owners. The constant struggle to move forward can be daunting. So how do retail establishments keep moving forward? By looking fresh and using new ideas to differentiate themselves from the pack. So for instance if you purchase sunglasses from CTS Wholesale Sunglasses to sell in your convenience store, making yourself look different from your competition is key. Make your customers see the difference in your store versus your competition.

So how do you make yourself look different? For the example of the sunglasses, you put them in really high quality and aesthetically pleasing sunglass displays. Along with great high quality sunglasses, CTS Wholesale Sunglasses, has great displays to get them noticed. Depending upon the quantity that you are displaying, you can have floor standing models or countertop models if your store does not have the space needed for the larger ones. Another important rule is to always keep the case full. An empty or partially empty case is a place for a pair of sunglasses to be purchased and if it is not full, it is a sale unrealized.

The next rule of thumb is to have what people want to purchase on a spur of the moment. At CTS we are not just sunglasses. We can supply you with reading glasses, lighters, hats and much more. Turn your convenience store into a place that people will come back again and again not just for gas, but for other supplies of life. If they know that you have other products besides gas, candy and soda they may come in for them instead of just the usual trip for a soda and a candy bar.

Finally, the way that you set up store is highly important. Always set up your higher priced and new items in front of the soda and candy displays. That way each customer must walk past them twice in order to get that candy bar and soda. It is more likely that someone will stop and look if they see something of interest on their way to pick up their snack. At CTS Wholesale Sunglasses we have more ideas about helping you succeed. Come and visit us and get charged up.

Locking Floor Model Rotating Sunglass Display