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How to Increase Sales with Signage

4th Jun 2013

Retail sales window displaySigns are a wonderful invention that have helped civilization throughout the ages. Signs tell us where we can go, where we can't go, and what we can do when we get there. They provide information, direction, and often entice us to do something that was as of yet unplanned. For instance; enter a store to take advantage of a limited time offer on a 2 for 1 sale on a great pair of sunglasses.

Without signage to help orient ourselves throughout our day it would be virtually impossible to get anything accomplished. Signage is a necessary directional tool to navigate any day, but more than this...

Signs are a key factor in helping businesses increase retail sales.

Use Retail Signage to:

Get Customer's Attention

One of the most important functions of your signage to is get the attention of potential customers. This can be done both in and outside of the store. Effective signage should encourage people to not only enter your store, but engage in making purchases. You can also use your signage to help customers who are already in your store. A good sign should assist customers in discovering current sales being ran.

Assist Customer's Store Orientation

New customers who are unfamiliar with the layout of your store may become frustrated that they cannot locate the products they came for. Unfortunately not everyone is patient enough to search or even ask for help. Take the guessing game out of the equation and properly label your store with signage that directs customers to specific merchandise they are looking for. Helpful signage will identify commonly sought after things such as:

  • Aisle Contents
  • Washrooms
  • ATM's
  • Checkout

The more comfortable you can make your customer feel in their surroundings the more apt they are to purchase items.

Advertise Current Sales Promotions

Another important function of signage is to promote any sales promotions you may be holding. This will not only help to grab customers' attention from outside the store, but also from within. When it comes to advertising sales it is often advised to make it a limited time offer. By developing a sense of urgency customers are more inclined to make an additional purchase.

Improve Product Branding

Finally, signage can help to improve your brand awareness, which is critical for increasing retail sales over the long term. By establishing your brand as a trusted source for the products and/or services you provide, customers are more likely to return when they are once again looking to make a purchase.

For instance, polarized sunglasses have a proven ability to improve vision during bright sunlight. A sign that demonstrates the power of polarized eyewear will increase awareness of their functionality, as illustrated by the sign below. In real life, this fish will appear and disappear with the use of polarized sunglasses.

With Polarized Sunglasses Sign             Polarized Sunglasses Sign

And remember, the sign doesn't actually have to be a sign per se. No, it can be anything that draws attention, promotes a sale, or increases your brand awareness. Whether it's a window display, a mannequin, or even a product display, as long as it catches a potential customer's eye you are well on your way to increasing your retail sales.