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How To Pick Wholesale Designer Sunglasses For Men And Women

4th Jul 2012

for G-sevenStars Sunglasses

No one needs to tell most of us there are big differences between the sexes, and nowhere is this more apparent than when men and women are picking what suits them in wholesale designer sunglasses.

Sure, they both find some common ground when they are making selections, like the desire for polarized lenses and a snug fit when it comes to the frames. However, men and women also use different criteria that are unique to each group, specifically when it comes to using facial types as benchmarks.

For example, women are, for the most part, more fashion conscious than their male counterparts. This generally means that they will spend a little more time on form, rather than function. Women with a square face will generally look for a pair of designer sunglasses that add a bit of curve to their look, to help take away from the sharper angles of their face. Women with rounder faces will want to add some definition, so finding the right tortoise shell look is just the thing that is recommended by experts. With the more common oval face, there are more options to choose from, as just about any type of frame will work.

It is important to remember that regardless of the sunglasses that you pick, as a man or a woman, there are a few considerations that should be looked at so you can make sure your eyes are safe from the more harmful of the sun's UV rays. First off, don't just assume that the lenses block these rays just because the tag says so. You will need to have more specific information about which kind of rays and how much are blocked by the lenses of the particular pair of designer sunglasses that you are looking at.

Unlike their feminine counterparts, men with strong angles in their facial features are more interested in accentuating that feature rather than compensating for it. This is why men tend to choose angled frames that show off a strong jaw line. With a more pointed chin, men tend to choose sunglasses that have a wide lower edge so that things can balance out.

Men and woman alike understand that no consideration for a pair of sunglasses would be complete without first taking into account the designer models. Of course there may be a bigger price tag for designer sunglasses, but with wholesale options, like our selection of wholesale designer sunglasses that can be found here, you can get the designer look without the designer price.

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