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How to Select Sunglasses for Big Nose Female, That Make Her Nose Look Smaller

25th Sep 2018

The choice of eyewear is dependent on various factors and can directly enhance or distort the overall look. Here are answers to the question “Can sunglasses really affect how the size of your nose is perceived?”

Face versus Sunglasses

The shape of your face, the hairstyle, color and shade of the hair, skin tone, shape of your eyebrows or hairline and the width of your chin are all important aspects to consider before women choose their eyewear. The most prominent facial feature though, is the nose. Its’ positioning on the face requires the right type of glasses can alter, compliment and affect the size of your nose. Since sunglasses fit on the nose, they need to be able to make a large nose appear smaller.

What to Check for?

The wider the lenses the smaller the other areas of the face will appear. Frames that are wider and further away from each other can help offset the prominence of a large nose. A thicker, heavier solid plastic frame will draw attention away from the ace and towards the ears. On the other hand, metal frames that are thinner and sleeker will blend into the face and accentuate your facial features. A nose bridge that is high will highlight the size and mass of the nose rather unlike a lower bridge that will take attention away from the nose. Rectangular and square shaped frames will draw attention away from the nose while round frames will exaggerate the size of your nose. Solid colored frames, especially in black will also help to downplay a big nose and so will arty, quirky, patterned or embellished glasses.

Precautions to Take

The main idea is to experiment with different frames, lenses and shapes to find the one that complements your look. When you do find one though, it’s a good idea to check out the finer details to ensure comfort all day. The frame must match the width of your face and sit comfortably on your nose without slipping off or cause indent on the skin or red marks due to constriction. Pay attention to the amount of pressure exerted on the temples or behind the ears. Large frames or a high nose bridge will result in an uncomfortable fit around the cheeks especially when you’re hot and sweaty or wearing makeup. Eyelashes touching the lenses is a big No. this is usually the case with prescription glasses that use thicker lenses.

While the size of the nose is unchangeable, the size and shape of the frame can alter the way they are perceived. The right pair of sunglasses will not just highlight the best facial features in a woman but also help to down play her flaws.