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How to Select Sunglasses for Women with Big Heads

17th Sep 2018

Finding a pair of sunglasses that is both trendy and comfortable can be a challenge. With advances in technology, women don’t ever have to compromise a good fit for style or protection.

Big Choices in Sunglasses

The average pair of sunglasses may not always translate into the most suitable choice. Some women with a large head can feel stifled, pinched and in terrible discount because of ill- fitting shades. Tight sunglasses can result in killer headaches and red blotches or lines around the temples. The solution to this is to find a pair that has spring hinged arms. This allows the glasses to bend outwards up to a fifteen degree angle which takes the strain away from the temple region. Titanium framed glasses are also a good choice to reduce the pressure and pain that can come with tight fitting glasses. Sporty frames, wraparound frames provide UV protection, flexibility and wide arms. More often than not, these glasses are able to evenly distribute the pressure and are extremely durable. Always opt for thick frames and stay away from fake replicas of the original brand. Whatever the shape of the sunglasses, wide frames are perfect for those who require an above average sized pair of sunglasses. With an average width of 160 mm, these wide frame sunglasses not only fit properly, they also provide optimum coverage and are very comfortable to wear.

Measurements and Measures

Always measure the width of your head and the length of your face, in order to help you decide which frames to select. Between 5 ¾ inches to 6 or more inches requires very wide frames. The lens of the sunglasses should always be in line with the pupils of the eye. Ill- fitting shades can affect vision negatively. The arms of the frames should extend right up to the ears and touch the sides of the head just before the ears. Arms that are small or tight can cause headaches or sinus issues. The nose bridge o the glasses must fit snugly so that there is no slipping off taking place or be the cause for being uncomfortable. Metal frames sometimes come with nose pads which sit a little higher on the face. It is vital that the frame of the sunglasses should not be wider than the width of your face at the temples. The lower part should rub against the cheeks nor should the top part be higher than the eyebrow line. The arms should not touch the temples, it simply means that the frame is too narrow and constricting.

Since sunglasses are a popular trend setter and a choice fashion accessory, it is of absolute importance that women find the perfect fit.