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How to Select Sunglasses That Suit Men with Big Faces

2nd Oct 2018

Sunglasses are the number one accessory that can transform your look and your clothes. Not only do they protect the eyes but when chosen well, they can enhance a man’s style statement.

Finding Your Face Type

The first step is to measure cheekbone to cheekbone using a measuring tape. Next measure your jawline and then the length of the face. Place the tape on the center of the hairline and go down to the bottom of the chin. Finally measure the distance from one side of the hairline to the other. Use these measure to determine the shape of your face and to use it as a guide to buy the right sized sunglasses for men. An even easier process, is to stand in front of the mirror and trace the outline of your face. Now visually imagine the glasses that will suit your face type and the effect you want to create.

Frames to Suit your Face

Faces that are round require frames that are pointed, square or rectangular with narrow bridges. These include cats’ eye glasses, Aviators and Wayfarers. Narrow frames with defined edges, colored lenses or narrow frames will not balance the facial proportions. Smooth lined butterfly glasses or aviators complement oval faces. Rectangle or square frames that have sharp edges and are too wide can distort the balance of the face. Glasses with oval or tear drop shaped frames are most suitable for square faces. Massive glasses that have transparent lenses and a frame wider than the face will help balance the overall look. Wayfarers or frameless glasses can help heart shaped faces to broaden the upper part of the face. These men should choose a pair with a large frame that doesn’t have any sharp outlines at the bottom.

Finding the Right Fit

A pair of sunglasses that fit well will have a frame that matches with the width of the face. The smaller the face the smaller the frame while the thickness depends on the shape of the face. The bridge of the nose also depends on the size and proportion of the nose. Bigger noses need sunglasses with a low nose bridge while those men with smaller noses can choose sunglasses with a high nose bridge. Most of the time companies manufacture glasses with adjustable nose bridges that fit snugly and comfortable. A good pair of shades will not cover the eyebrows and will not create in any uncomfortable pressure or pinching around the head and ears. The area of the lens should always be a size bigger and it should be close fitting to avoid slipping.

While there is no choice when it comes to shape of your face or the proportion of your nose or even the length of your chin, there are plenty of sunglass options to suit every face.