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Is It Bad to Wear Reading Glasses When You Have Perfect Vision

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 30th Oct 2018

Many people do wear reading glasses even though they have perfect vision. This could be for many different reasons such as improved eye health, lessening strain from reading, protecting the eyes form dust, computer screen light, and drying, and even just for style!

Here we talk about the reasons why people with perfect vision like to wear reading glasses and whether it could be harmful to your eyes.

Wearing Reading Glasses to Lessen Reading Strain

One common reason people like to wear reading glasses, especially while working, is because of the magnification it gives. While working, especially if you need to work with many files or documents, reading glasses can prevent your eyes from straining too much when you read. This is because the lens of your reading glasses does all the focusing work for your eyes, and your eyes do not need to strain re work too hard. This is beneficial to those who spend a lot of time reading or preparing documents.

Wearing Reading Glasses to Protect the Eyes

Another reason could be that they feel it keeps their eyes protected from dust and computer monitor radiation. The air around us is much polluted, both indoors and outdoors. People prone to eye allergies and infections can make use of reading glasses to protect their eyes form dust and potential allergens. Reading glasses thus keep your eyes fresh throughout the day and prevent them from drying out too much.

Wearing Reading Glasses to Make a Fashion Statement

Yet another common reason people with good eye sight like to wear reading glasses is purely for the sake of fashion. Reading glasses come in various trendy styles, and some people like to experiment with different types and colors of frames to enhance their facial features. Glasses are always sin style, and can allow you to make a signature fashion statement so that your face is more memorable to those who meet you.

Is Wearing Reading Glasses Harmful To Your Eyes If You Have Perfect Vision?

So, with all these wonderful reasons to wear reading glasses when you have perfect vision, the important question is, is it safe? Absolutely! Over the counter reading glasses are completely safe to wear even if you have perfect eye sight, and helps lessen the strain on your eyes, along with adding protection from dust, allergens, and strain from working on computers too much.

So, what are you waiting for? Go choose the type of frames you like and rock those specs!