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It Is Important To Wear Sunglasses When Out In the Sun

23rd Oct 2017

When one is out in the hot sun it is a good idea to protect one’s eyes with a pair of sunglasses. It is important that the sunglasses are 100% UV protective as well as UVB and UVA. Sunglasses come in different styles and the frames can be made of plastic or metal. There are some styles that are solely for men and some for women but there are some that are unisex. The more popular styles are the Aviators and the California Classics as well as sunglasses that are specially designed for sports persons. Since more and more sportspersons are using sunglasses special women’s and men’s sports sunglasses have been designed.

men's Sports Sunglasses

Reasons Why Sportspersons Wear Sunglasses

So why is it necessary for sportspersons who spend long hours out in the hot sun to wear sunglasses? The most important reason of course is to protect the eyes from the harsh UV rays, which could cause immense damage to the eyes. If the eyes are exposed to the ultra violet rays, it could damage the eyes and also effect sight. Sportspersons wear sunglasses to reduce glare and this in turn protects the eye and helps them to perform their sport better without being blinded by the sunshine. Most cricketers, golfers, runners and cyclists use sunglasses. There are some very good styles of both women and men’s sports sunglasses.

Sport Specific Lens 

Sunglasses also protect the eyes from dust, debris and dirt which could be blown about in the wind and if it gets into the eyes it could be an irritant and cause problems in performing well. This will not help a sportsperson and hence wearing sunglasses is advisable. Over the years a lot of research has gone into designing the most suited sunglasses for each sport. The color of the lens plays an important part and depending on the sport played, the color of the lens is selected. For example cyclists and mountain bikers will choose a yellow lens as the color reduces the glare as well as preserves the sharpness. Those in water related sports will prefer grey or smoked lenses and so on. It is possible to buy both women’s and men’s sports sunglasses from wholesale suppliers.