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Key Tips to Buying the Right Sunglasses Frame

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 3rd Feb 2019

Are you looking to buy men’s metal frame sunglasses? Most people would rush to a store and pick a pair that they think looks good. However, once they get home, they end up regretting the purchase due to multiple reasons. In some cases, the fit may not be right, or the colour may not match the occasion. Instead of wasting your resources and time on the wrong pair, it makes sense to take the time to identify the right sunglasses for your need. How do you identify the right one? Keep reading to find out.

The right protection

However, fancy the pair may seem, it always makes sense to choose one that has UV protection. Further, you will want to see how much protection and cover they provide. Your eyes can get damaged if the lens lets in too much sunlight.

The right use

Before you buy your men’s metal frame sunglasses check if see where and when you’ll be wearing them. Will you be wearing them during a sporting activity or in the water? Or will the pair be used for a formal occasion like a wedding or an exhibition? The occasion makes a big difference as you may need to get different ones to meet the need of the event you’re attending.

The right size

You have probably seen people walking around with huge sunglasses that hang loosely or don’t fit the face properly. Don’t be in a hurry to just pick out a pair. While there are dozens of styles and patterns to choose from, not all may be right for your face. For instance, if you have a more angular face then choosing round lenses will highlight your features more. The right shape can greatly enhance the overall look, and this will give you more confidence to rule the event that you’re attending.

The right fit

After you received your men’s metal frame sunglasses, check to see if the weight is distributed evenly between your nose and your ears. Further, the glasses shouldn’t fit too close to your eyes. In other words, your eyelashes should not come in contact with the lenses or the frame. Check to see the lens is too small. If there are minor adjustment issues, it can be corrected at an eyeglass shop. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable in them and you shouldn’t have to keep adjusting them with your hands. The idea is to wear them and forget about it!