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McAfee Secure and Shopper Approved

20th Jan 2013

We have made several improvements to our homepage, which we hope you'll be pleased with. You will see that our McAfee Secure symbol is now visible alongside our Shopper Approved rating, in the upper right portion of the homepage. These symbols ensure your security and satisfaction while shopping CTS Wholesale.

McAfee was founded in 1987, and is a computer security company, being the world's largest dedicated security technology company. The importance of a visible McAfee Secure trustmark is paramount when shopping online, as any website displaying this symbol must first pass intensive, daily security tests. These security tests are designed to safeguard online shoppers' personal information, in addition to prohibiting phishing, links to malicious websites and other online dangers such as identity theft. If you are considering purchasing online, it is a good rule of thumb to first locate this symbol on the site, prior to entering any personal information.

Shopper Approved provides customers with the opportunity to leave a review of their experience. They have the option of leaving personal comments on their individual experiences, and additionally are asked to rate their experience specifically on the following six points, with a star rating ranging from one to five stars.

  1. 1. Recommend the Company
  2. 2. Would Buy Again
  3. 3. Price
  4. 4. Product Satisfaction
  5. 5. Delivery Time
  6. 6. Customer Service

These ratings can be made anonymously, or customers may leave their name and/or location. These ratings are then displayed automatically on Shopper Approved, which can be accessed via CTS Wholesale by simply clicking the appropriate symbol on the homepage, and soon to be accessible from product pages. Reviews are an excellent way to get first hand validation on an e-commerce website's standings and overall reputation.

McAfee Secure and Shopper Approved are just two of the many ways that CTS strives to provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience and peace of mind.