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New Sunglasses Glossary

18th Aug 2013

Have you ever tried to describe a pair of sunglasses to a friend? Do you trip over the words you're struggling to find, to isolate one aspect of that perfect pair you've just gotta get?Sunglasses Glossary Well, the CTS team has worked hard to develop a comprehensive, detailed sunglasses glossary of terms related to sunglasses, their respective parts and common components. You'll discover some of the many materials used to make your shades here, in addition to terminology depicting the various features that are available in sunglasses. Be it a mirrored lens, or a colored temple-tip; if you're ever in doubt what to call it, check out the Glossary which you can view from here. Or you can simply scroll to the footer (bottom of page) on any page of the website and click on "Glossary". This is found under the CTS Wholesale Sunglasses section to the far left of the page; under the sun logo. If you're 'in the business' many of these terms will ring a bell. Perhaps some of them you're accustomed to calling by a different name. For this reason, we eagerly ask for your comments and feedback. If you see something missing, let us know! This is a work in progress, and your feedback is important to us!

Sunglasses Glossary