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Offer Different Types of Reading Glasses to Fulfill Customers’ Varied Requirements

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 11th Mar 2019

Plastic framed reading glasses are an inexpensive solution for people with near distance viewing problems. There are different types of reading glasses, the most common ones being single vision reading glasses and bifocal reading glasses. Read on to learn about the difference between the two and inclusions in wholesale packs.

Single Vision Reading Glasses

Single vision plastic framed reading glasses are those in which magnification covers the entire lens. Single vision reading glasses provide users with a larger field of viewing – which is useful when someone is reading – but if you look up or across the room through them, you’ll find that everything looks blurry. They are great for people who need to concentrate on close-up reading material for long periods of time.

Bi-focal Reading Glasses

Bi-focal plastic framed reading glasses only feature magnification in a moon-shape area on the lower portion of the lenses. The upper lens does not feature magnification. Bifocal reading glasses are an extremely convenient, multi-purpose solution because they allow users to peer down when they need to look at something up close and transition quickly to clearly seeing everything around. People who need eyeglasses for both distance and near viewing typically don’t use over-the-counter reading glasses – they go for either custom bifocal lenses or progressive lenses.

Easy Wholesale Purchasing

As an eyewear retailer, it makes sense to offer both types. Plastic framed reading glasses come in a variety of attractive styles and are available at extremely affordable prices, starting from $12.00 per dozen pairs to $20.00 per dozen. When buying wholesale, you can purchase a pack with pre-assorted colors and pre-assorted lens strengths ranging from +1.00 to +3.50. If you’re staring out, consider a best-value combo pack that includes both reading glasses and display rack.

Reading Glasses with Spring Hinges

A useful feature to have in reading glasses is spring hinges. Frames with spring hinges have small springs at the temples that provide flexibility and a snug fit. With spring hinge feature, temple sections of reading glasses can be moved back and forth freely. Not only does this feature increase user comfort but it also prevents frames from breaking or bending. Reading glasses with spring hinges can last for years and years, which makes them a lucrative investment.

Explore the entire range of plastic frame reading glasses to find hidden gems like rhinestone studded models, patterned temples and much more!