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Plastic Reading Glasses: Convenient Eyewear Products That Combine Function and Fashion

27th Dec 2017

Cheap and available in stylish designs, plastic framed reading sunglasses make great additions to your retail eyewear business. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your investment.

One Product, Many Uses

Non-prescription reading glasses can be bought over the counter by individuals who suffer from evenly fading vision in both eyes. Bifocal plastic framed reading sunglasses are multipurpose products that combine fashion and functionality.Magnification is provided only on a portion of the lens – so customers can use them for reading, sun protection or just to look super stylish. Plastic reading sunglasses are only increasing in popularity – in business terms, they’re a goldmine for increasing sales and revenues. The key is to invest in high quality products from reputed manufacturers and suppliers.

Attractive Styles for Men and Women

Reading sunglasses come in different styles for men and women. Women are an important segment to market to and you can select from the latest trending styles such as sparkly rhinestone reading sunglasses that are sure to attract fashion conscious women. Dual purpose reading sunglasses for men come in lightweight, sporty styles. Men with vision problems love them because they provide near and distant vision in one convenient product. While purchasing plastic framed reading sunglasses, make sure they are UV protective as this is one of the main features that customers look for in sunglasses.

Worthy Investments for Eyewear Business

The key to maximizing profits from plastic reading sunglasses is to find an experienced online wholesale supplier offering high quality eyewear products with low pricing and reliable customer services. These eyewear items are sold by the dozen and include pieces in pre-assorted colors and lens strengths. Lens strengths typically range from +1.00 to +3.50 with increments in between.Prices for branded plastic framed reading sunglasses are more when compared to normal readers but they offer great value and have a sizeable market. For under forty dollars, you can purchase a dozen pieces of rhinestone accented plastic reading sunglasses for women.

Stock up on the latest styles and breathe new life into your eyewear business!