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Rectangular Shaped Sunglasses for Oval Faces Female

10th Sep 2018

The right pair of sunglasses should fit your face comfortably without falling off or feeling tight. It should also highlight your best features and make you look good. There are certain styles of sunglasses that suit each type of face and we are going to talk about the best sunglasses for oval faces female. Compared to other face shapes like square, round or heart shaped faces; the oval shaped face is the easiest to find a perfect pair of sunglasses for. Oval shaped faces look best with glasses that enhance and highlight your best features and the overall shape of your face. The good news is, almost any type of sunglasses suits an oval shaped face because of its balanced proportions and even features. However, it is still important to choose a pair of sunglasses for oval faces female that compliments your features.

Best Frames for Oval Faces
Although any shaped lens will suit an oval shaped face, angular lenses that are square or rectangular shaped will compliment your features nicely by enhancing your best features. Choose frames that are wide around the eyes, but not too large, as this can cover up your face and make it look unbalanced. Try on different pairs of sunglasses for oval faces female till you are happy with your look and the fit is just right. Colors also play a key role in making you look good in shades. Choose those colors that complement your eye color and your hair color to look your best. If you have brown eyes, choose similar colored frames. If you have blue, green or hazel colored eyes, earthy shades will complement them nicely. As for your hair color, if you have blonde hair, you should avoid yellow or golden shades as this will cancel out the color of your beautiful locks. Go for black or green instead, which adds a pop of color to your overall look. If you have darker colored hair like brown or even black, choosing sunglasses for oval faces female in colors like beige and brown will be ideal for you.

Helpful Tips for Oval Shaped Faces
Whenever you are in doubt, opt for squarish or rectangular shaped sunglasses for oval faces female as these will complement your features nicely. However, oval faces can rock almost any shaped frames so you don't have much to worry about! Avoid very narrow frames and frames that are heavy as these will add more length your face. Choose colors that complement your hair color and eye color for a trendy but classy look. Do not go overboard with frame designs and colors, as this will make your face look crowded and take away from your features instead of highlighting them.

If you keep these points in mind while shopping for your next pair of sunglasses for oval faces female, you can be sure to bag the best of styles that will suit your personality!