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Safety Glasses And The Workplace

14th Nov 2012

Hazards in the workplace are a reality for people who work in manufacturing, construction or trades. In fact, eye injuries common in these types of jobs can also occur in offices, hospitals and labs, or wherever a worker's eyes are at risk. Remember, there is no substitute for safety glasses in the workplace so it's important to choose ones that provide superior eye protection.

Vintage Safety Glasses

For example, some safety glasses are designed with a ventilated nosepiece to let heat escape through the nose bridge to reduce fogging in humid conditions. Another style features a wraparound design with special lenses to filter light from welding or other metal work. When the eye area needs to be shielded from chemical splashes, dust or other flying particles, safety glasses with clear side-shields offer extra protection from the side without restricting vision.

Compared to regular eyewear where lenses and frames are vulnerable to hard impacts, safety glasses are extremely durable. This is due in part to lenses made from polycarbonate, an unbreakable material that meets industry standards for high levels of impact and scratch resistance, as well as UV protection. For outdoor workers, safety sunglasses can include polarized lenses that eliminate glare and effectively provide UVA and UVB protection, allowing the wearer to see more clearly and work safely in a variety of conditions.

Today's safety glasses can include prescription or non-prescription lenses in a range of contemporary styles. Lightweight, flexible frames in materials ranging from titanium to metal and plastic use shock absorbent screws at the temple and soft, rubber material on nose pads and temple tips to provide a secure, comfortable fit. Some are even designed to fit easily over prescription glasses. An online retailer or eye care professional can offer the latest lens technology and frame styles for whichever type of safety eyewear is appropriate.

It is estimated that ninety percent of job related eye injuries can be prevented and that's why wearing proper safety glasses can make a real difference in creating a safer and more secure workplace.